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BoostML is a team of wold-class experts in Big Data, AI and Machine Learning. We build the world's most advanced algorithms that enables our clients to evaluate all models simultaneously and automatically.

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A platform for automating interactions, collecting and connecting customers data from multiple sources for downstream Business Intelligence applications

Big Data Warehouse Solutions

Support cloud-based solutions for scalability and cost-effectivity, or on-premise Hadoop ecosystems for privacy policy compliance and total control of your data

Automated Machine Learning Engine

Provides state-of-art predictive models for your related Business Intelligence applications

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Why BoostML?

How can we help your business?


Boost ML is fully automated, with latest advanced algorithms. We supports multiple data format & data structures.

Data Consultation

BoostML offers consultation service. Our expertises are Data Warehousing, Data Pipelines, Data Infrastructure, Machine Learning.

Enterprise Grade

Billions of data has been securely processed by BoostML on a yearly basis. We offer enterprise grade secured solution for all our corporate customers.

Award winning Artificial Intelligence

Ready-to-use AI solution with advanced Machine Learning technology in banking & finance industry.

Stunning Dashboard Visualization

All our clients will enjoy free-of-charge dashboard to monitor, run and analyse machine learning models.

BoostML AI product saves our call center plenty of time dealing with customers on a daily basis and enables us to focus on more valuable works.

Mi Nguyen

Project Manager
After the product was launched, our operation cost was reduced by 40% in the first year. That's amazing!

Mai Le

Head of Product, Digital Banking
Due to our nature of business, recommendation engine is a must to have. Not only the revenue was increased by 12% approximately, but our customers are extremely happy with what they're being offered.

Alex Nguyen

Product Lead - Ecommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

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Automated machine learning (AutoML) is the process of automating the end-to-end process of applying machine learning to real-world problems. In a typical machine learning application, practitioners must apply the appropriate data pre-processing, feature engineering, feature extraction, and feature selection methods that make the dataset amenable for machine learning.

Export your own data set into CSV, and you are ready to go.

Don't hesitate to reach us out, our experts will assist you in cleaning up your data, setting up your data warehouse and pipelines.

We supported most recent advanced machine learning algorithms (Gradient Boosting Machine, Tensorflow, Random Forest). For frameworks, we are using Xgboost, Tensorflow, Scikit Learn, LightGBM, etc.

Yes, we've docker-ized all our services.

No, we aim to do the opposite. Our goal is to leverage the power of the Data Scientist, to focus a lot more into the business, by automated away the repetitive engineering and deployment part.

Chatbot has been one of our key focused areas since 2016. We've been helping our customers to automate their workflows and improve their productivity with our advanced natural language processing engine.

We offer multiple flexible pricing options to our customers, be it enterprise customer or startup. Just want to know more about our product, it's FREE to try.

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