We are world-class experts in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

We partners with the largest financial instutions and banks to provide automated machine learning solutions. Credit scoring, User Profiling, Prediction & Recommendation.

Join Our Team?

Passionate on big data & machine learning? Capable of doing sales & account management?

Industry Experts

Our team consists of world-class data scientists, data engineers and software engineers. And our speciality is in big data and machine learning.

Duy Nguyen

Country Manager

Duy has over 10 years of experience in managing engineering team, specializing in fighting large-scale attacks with AI and Big Data technologies.

Dat Le

Chief Data Scientist

Dat leads Data Science Team in BoostML. Before he joined, he was a Director of Engineering and Data Science in one of the largest technology firm in Singapore.

Harry Dinh

Data Scientist

Passionate in data science, Harry currently hold Kaggle Master title (top 1% worldwide). His focus is in data science algorithms and optimizations.

Hoan Pham

Data Scientist

With more than 7 years of experience, since the very first day, Hoan has been actively dealing and solving complicated data science problems for our enterprise clients.

Minh Pham

Engineering Lead

Prior to his arrival, Minh was leading the engineering team in largest e-commerce portal in South East Asia. He specializes in microservice architecture.

Tuan Pham

Senior Data Engineer

Tuan is responsible for building large-scale data processing systems and he is an expert in data warehousing solutions and connecting our back-end stack with our data stack.